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The Joey D’s Story

Joey D’s was established in October of 1994. The name had grown long before. Joseph was born in 1967 to his parents, Bob and Maria. Bob was born and raised in the city of Chicago and Maria was born and raised in Naples, Italy; then they both met in Chicago, Illinois.

“Joey D” was born with a rare genetic disease called “Cockayne Syndrome”. His life expectancy was 12 years of age, which is the average for children with this disease. Joey D outlived all those skeptics, passing on September 13th, 2000. Joey D lived to be 32 years old—the oldest known case from this crippling disease.

Joey D will live on with all the support from our very loyal patrons. The restaurant continues in the family tradition with the passionate work ethic of Joey D’s two brothers, Bobby and Tommy.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Was here on vacation and found this place.  Best Chicago-style pizza outside of the Windy City.  Also the Chicago dogs are exactly what a hot dog should be.

Phil M.

Yesterday was my first time eating here and the food was amazing!!  Best waiter I’ve had since me and my wife moved here to Bradenton.

Jonathan M.

Great food, service from Noel was fantastic. Wish we had one in Cleveland Ohio.

John M.